Chinese Celery 200g

White fish fillet 180g

Shaoxing wine 2tsp 

Minced clove garlic 1pc

Onion ½pc

Carrot ½pc

Chicken stock 50ml

Spring onion, chopped 1pc


Salt ¼tsp

White pepper ⅛tsp

Shredded ginger 2 slices


Light soy sauce 2tsp

Oyster sauce 1tsp 

Water 3 tbsp 

Sugar ½tsp 

Corn flour 1tsp 

How to make it :

1.  Rinse the chinese celery. Wipe dry. Remove the strings in chinese celery stalks. Cut into slices diagonally. Set aside.

2.  Cut the fish fillet in chunks. Season with salt and pepper. Stir in the shredded ginger. Set aside.

3.  Heat oil in a wok or fry pan over medium high heat. Pan-fry the fish fillet chunks until color changed. You don’t need to cook them through at this stage because they will be further cooked with other ingredients. Pour in wine. Quickly stir to combine. Set aside.

4.  In the same wok, add some oil. Saute garlic and onion. Add chinese celery and carrot. Stir to combine. Pour in chicken stock. Cook until the chinese celery and carrot turn soft. Toss back the fish chunks. Combine and cook until the fish is cooked through. Stir in the sauce and cook to your preferred consistency. Sprinkle spring onion and combine. Serve hot.